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Described by one leading music publication as producing "Beatle-conundrums between Help and Revolver", the boys from THE PLEASURE shun such narrow categorizing. They prefer talk about "timeless Brit-pop"…

During 1995 to 1999, THE PLEASURE spent four years establishing a reputation as an accomplished live act. Armed with their low budget debut album "Dorothea Parker & Friends" - 13 songs recorded live over just four days in a studio in Hamburg - the band took on the music industry. The efforts resulted in consistently great reviews - "This likeable Britpop band from Freiburg goes on a time trip into Camaby Street" (Good Times), and "If this album gets into the right hands, it could become a VIP ticket to success!" (Badische Zeitung). The group built a solid fan-base and even won a newcomer band award from Germany's leading commercial radio station.

A tip from a music editor resulted a meeting with renowned German producer, Heiner Lürig. Together with Lürig - as well as Ronald Prent (The Police, David Bowie) and Harald Lepschies (Grönemeyer) - The Pleasure recorded a new album and their publishing house began to negotiate a record deal.

Initial disappointment gave way a determination to celebrate the benefits of independence. That celebration has resulted in three critically acclaimed albums, produced in increasingly uncompromising fashion:

"Careful with comparisons - OK, but this one's impossible to ignore: If John Lennon was active today, he'd sound just like this. The result is a set of wonderful compositions, perfectly executed. When will the record companies wake up?"
Good Times Magazine

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