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Volker Eck

Volker's first attempts at music (namely, recorder lessons at aged seven), were tragically cut short by a broken arm...

Eight years later, in 1977, he joined his brother's band as a drummer. The promotional photos were taken before he'd even had a lesson. The band soon became the top act in his home town near Freiburg in Southern Germany.

In 1980, he co-founded a band with guitarist Ralf Paske. They've been together - in a strictly non-romantic kind of way - ever since, playing in a number of successful local bands. One of these bands - a Beatles tribute band that sounds uncannily like the real thing, complete with Liverpudlian accents - drew the attention of Jens Kreuzer. Along with Ralf, Volker was persuaded to join Jens in a new project called "The Pleasure".

And the rest is rock 'n roll history...