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   "ECLIPSED MAGAZIN Extra" 06/2009:

"ECLIPSED MAGAZIN Extra" 06/2009    "brilliant, thrilling and majestically material without expiration date"    

                                           >>pdf download

   "Good Times" 03/2009:

Good Times - 03/2009   "...variety"                           >>pdf download

   "Eclipsed Magazin" 05/2009:

Eclipsed - 05/2009   ...the most british enjoyment of germany               Eclipsed Magazin


   "PERSONA NON GRATA" 02-2009:

Persona Non Grata - 02/2009 marvellous melody after the other...

   "Intro Magazin" 02/2009:

Intro - 02/2009 ...a felicitous pop album

   "OX Magazin" 01/2009:

OX - 01/2009 ...sure instinct for great pop-arrangements

   "Good Times" 11/2008:

Good Times - 11/2008 ......again an enhancement

   "Frizz" Magazin - 11/2008:

 Frizz 11/2008 ....songs, that wouldn't fit only on swr1.


   "Rockster TV" 10/2008:

Rockster 10/2008 ......pop with international class

   "Badische Zeitung " 19/11/2008:

CD Vorstellung Badische Zeitung - 19/11/2008 ...a beautiful pop album

   "Der Sonntag " 26/10/2008:

Cover Beatles Grafiker Voormann - Der Sonntag - 26/10/2008 Why Beatles artist Voormann designed the cover

   "Buster/Mod Radio UK" 03/2007:

Buster/Mod Radio UK" 03/2007       ...pure Mod-ilicous power pop                Buster/Mod Radio UK


   "Eclipsed Magazine" 02/2007:

Eclipsed - 02/2007   ...phenomenal...                         Eclipsed Magazine


   "Noisy Neighbours" 12/2006:

Manchester Music - 10/2006  "...absolute highlight."                            Noisy Neighbours


   "Manchester Music" 10/2006:

Manchester Music - 10/2006   ".. looks like a labour of love .... features some incredibly well
      written songs."                                    Manchester Music


   "Disconnect Magazine" 10/2006:

Disconnect - 10/2006   ".. This stylish double disc album flows with very 60s esque brit pop
       which hasn't been pulled off this well in years."


   "unpeeled" 09/2006:

unpeeled - 09/2006 "...So Yeah, it's Beatles and it's very good"


   "rtv Rätsel" 09/2006:

rtv Rätsel - 39/2006 "...This is real pleasure, what' s getting across from their album
     of the same name."


   "R13" 09/2006:

R13 - 09/2006 "...this is a trio who hail from Germany but are creating music so
    drenched in Brit Pop that it could easily have strayed out
    of a rehearsal room in London."


   "Good Times" 09/2006:

Good Times - 09/2006 ...this Trio continues the inheritance of Mop-Top...

   "musix" 09/2006:

musix - 09/2006 "...piece of art..."

   "" 08/2006: - 08/2006    "...a song is a song is a song."...

   "" 08/2006:

sweetjanemusic   ..."So many so good melodies on a heap do not write many German

   "" 08/2006: "...9 of 10 points!"

   "" 08/2006: - 08/2006 "...fortunately The Pleasure have to offer also enough range for a double album..."

   "crazewire " 08/2006:

CD Vorstellung crazewire - 08/2006 "The band around John Lennon had not therefore a so enormous success, because it wrote bad Songs. And in such a way it behaves also with The Pleasure..."

   "Der Sonntag " 20/08/2006:

CD Vorstellung Der Sonntag - 20/08/2006 " smells like magnum opus"

   "Badische Zeitung " 17/08/2006:

CD Vorstellung Badische Zeitung - 17/08/2006 "...a sophisticated album, the Songs goes however directly into the ear "

   "rtv online " 07/08/2006:

CD Vorstellung rtv - 07/08/2006 "....this music is something for people, which have no more desire on artificially improved superficialness." (aher)


   "plan14" magazine - 08/2006:

sorry - only german "....The Pleasure make all honour for their name, the new album of the local heroes is a real pleasure." (Graf)


   "Frizz" magazine - 08/2006:

sorry - only german "...a musical travel through time to the wedding of rock and the modern spheres of the popculture. Welcome in the here and now."

Album "Hash Brown Smilings" 2005


   "Good Times" Magazin 15.03.2005:

Artikel Good Times 2005 "…artists in the field of inexhaustibly imaginative Beatles-like creativity. Refine the style of the Fab Four without plagiarism, and without vague references to the Finn Brothers, and one can only indulge!"

Good Times" Magazin, March 2005:


   THE PLEASURE "Badische Zeitung" 31.12.2004:

Artikel Badische Zeitung Artikel Freiburger Stadtkurier "The Beatles did it in the mid-sixties. Now, The Pleasure is following in the footsteps of their famous idols with their own intensive studio phase. No more live concerts means more time and energy for recording. The comparison is unavoidable in terms of composition too: The more you listen to the new CD from The Pleasure, the more it seems like someone has taken the Beatles - during time of the "Revolver" albums - and transported them to the here and now in Freiburg. Hash Brown Smilings is a mature album. In comparison to its predecessor, Didn't Catch the Sun for Shadows, Jens Kreuzer, Ralf Paske and Volker Eck have continued to evolve - especially in terms of production. Drums and bass are restrained to leave space for featuring other
instruments - here a gritty keyboard motif, there a tinkling e-guitar - everything in its right place. It's hard to believe that catchy melodies like "Scratch My Back" or "Summer Love Trip" didn't come from a British band. Throw in The Pleasure's obligatory short instrumental track, "Add Two Inches", and you've got a great album."

Badische Zeitung, December 2004