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Jens Kreuzer

Jens Kreuzer Jens was born in Freiburg, Germany, on New Year's Eve, 1964. An only child, he still doesn't like to share his food but is otherwise quite affable…

He began composing at the age of 12. "While the other boys played with toy cars, I was playing at inventing songs. Not much has changed!"
He formed his first rock band in 1979, playing exclusively original material. His primary influence was always the Beatles, although he was moved by numerous other artists and musical directions.

After dropping out of his final year at school, Jens spent his time writing poetry and short stories, and churning out a new song almost every day. But following his first marriage in 1986 and the subsequent birth of his son, he looked for a "proper job" to pay the bills. This didn't stop him from pursuing his passion - music. After almost a decade's worth of prolific writing, performing and record company refusals, he formed The Pleasure with Ralf and Volker. "With these two, music suddenly took on a new dimension for me. We're a perfect team, open for every experiment and always good for a laugh, but with the same creative compulsion and discipline."

Jens is now happily married with his third wife, Sybille.