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"This trio knows, loves, and puts a refreshing twist on British 60s pop. You probably won't want a return ticket for this trip into timelessness…"
Badische Zeitung

It's rare for THE PLEASURE to do a live-concert these days - although they can occasionally be persuaded (for example, they couldn't resist an invitation to do a joint concert with one of their all-time favourite bands "The Pearlfishers" in 2004). But they continue to be a prolific studio band.

Their album "Hash Brown Smilings" was launched in December 2004.

And now, with their new self titled album "The Pleasure" , released in September 2006, the band obtains acceptance:

"So many good melodies on a heap do not write many German musicians…"
writes the music magazine "Sweet Jane Music" in August 2006
"Each song is a winner" (Onetake Magazine)
"This music is something for people which have no more desire on artificially improved superficialness" (RTV)
"Nine of ten points.." (Die Blümchentapete)
"fortunately The Pleasure have to offer also enough range for a double album.." (Intro)
just to name a few !

The Pleasure consequently follow their way.
Superb songwriting, beautiful instrumentation and perfect production are the basics, very close to the ultimate pop song !

The priority is always on the next album, and, what a surprise, The Pleasure have already started to work on it.

Line up:
Jens Kreuzer - Vocals/Bass/Piano/Guitar
Ralf Paske - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Volker Eck - Vocals/Drums