Disconnect 10/2006

The Pleasure - S/T (Rookie)

Instantly recalling late 60s brit pop, and in particular The
Beatles, by listening to this you'd never believe The Pleasure
were infact a German band. This stylish double disc album
flows with very 60s esque brit pop which hasn't been pulled
off this well in years. The problem is, whereas The Beatles are a timeless classic band, The Pleasure will always be a band who sound like The Beatles and never simply be The Pleasure. With the new wave of poppy indie, I'd like to see these guys get a bit of backing over here and they could do well; I think it's just a little outdated now to gain much mainstream success. They're definitely a decent band with plenty of good songs (well, enough to fill a double album!), just a bit too mellow to really get me to stand up and pay much attention. (6.5)

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