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German powerpoppers, The Pleasure have gifted us with not one but a two CD package for review & airplay. Simple entitled "The Pleasure", its a 2 CD digipack containing 19 superb powerpopped tracks that was released at the end of 2006 and is proving to be an early highlight of 2007!

The trio are Jens Kreuzer - Vocal/Bass/Piano/Guitar, Ralf Paske - Vocal/Guitar/Bass & Volker Eck - Vocal/Drums who have been around since 1995 and have been recording since 1998 with their first release, Dorothea Parker & Friends, with another two albums following suit in 2002 & 2005 respectively, this double CD is now their 4th album release which the German music press have credited them with, "the Trio knows, loves and refurbishes the British Sixties Pop!" & "completely near at the ultimate Pop Song", Hmmm, we`ll have a bit of this, me thinks!

Starting off this Pleasure-fest is the strangley titled, "Nine Apple Silver Balls", a surefire powerpopper nice harmonies and a few brash guitar riffs, I`m thinking Meynell Squire-esque, Great Start! I`m liking what I hear so far!, "Good Life With You", classical opening with a tinge of 60`s-ness mellowness, "New Cool World Part 1", Weller type, "This Is A Modern World" , Bevior-Jetset style!, "Our Few Days", Beatle-esque cum Finn brothers pop, "Separated Footprints In The Snow", another 60`s influenced ditty, vocals could certainaly be a reincarnation of John Lennon!, "Pleasure & Pain", cranking up a gear this one brings us back up-to -date, pure Mod-ilicous power pop!, "More Future", great guitar work with more Lennon like vocals, "The Journalists Revenge", a nice flowing acoustic instrumental, "She`ll Cut Up My Life", I`m catching the late Beatles vibe again! Ending with a nice touch, as Disc 1 finishes off with a mpeg video of "Nine Apple Silver Balls"

Disk 2 starts with, "At Rudy`s Smooth Cafe", starts off where Disc 1 finished off, more 60`s influenced harmony, "Face Your Eyes", Kinks like ditty, "New Cool World Part 2", definite contrast with part 1 a nice one & half minute guitar romp, "Planned & Drawn By Ruth Haviland Sutton In 1946", a beat laden 1 minute interlude instro, "My Hell Ain`t Got No Strings", excellent swinging 60`s beat, "Uncommon Man", another well placed and executed acoustic track that slows the pace right down, "Top Dog For Lovers", I`m picking up slight classic Ed Ball like vocals & lyrics and a tune that The Times would have loved to have done!, "All In One", more modernised Beatles type funkiness, "What They Say", Mod-stalgia aplenty, could have went down a storm during the Mod revival circa 1985! should go down a storm in 2007! and finishing off with, "Upper Class Oppertunity For A Golden Fuzz", what the hell is a Golden Fuzz?, but seriously, fantastic end to the audio experience of The Pleasure with another Lennon like piano led tune!

A full hour of modernised powerpop thats got it`s head stuck in the 60`s and the body in the early 80`s, definite influences from The Beatles & The Mod revival I`m sure, you`ll pick the traits of Squire, Meynell, Ed Ball & The Times, a bit of Weller and the high jinx of Bevior & The Jetset! Well done these men!, I`ve listened to many a band recently and none have came close to these guys for the music and sound that was the "Mod revival" revival of the 80`s, Pure Powerpop heaven!

Listen out for The Pleasure on Mod Radio UK and check `em out for yourself at the website links above......

....true as a dream mixed with nostalgia (P.Weller/The Jam)
this music is something for people (RTV)
......pure Mod-ilicous power pop (Buster/Mod Radio Uk)

Reviewed by Buster

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